All about the Books

For those of you who do not already know the two Springer books, here is a summary of the books, the available editions, the electronic supplement and errata files.

The book “MATLAB Recipes for Earth Sciences” was first published in 2006, before the 2nd (2007), 3rd (2010) and 4th edition (2015) were released. You can buy it from Springer or from the widely known online bookstores. The electronic supplement, i.e. the recipes and the example files, as well as multimedia files including sound, movie and 3D animated graphics, are available from Springer Extras. The Errata File lists the known errors in the 4th edition of MATLAB Recipes for Earth Sciences (Springer 2015). The various shortcourses I teach in different places worldwide are based on this book, just like a masters course about data analysis methods I teach at the University of Potsdam.

The second book, “MATLAB and Design Recipes for Earth Sciences” (Springer 2012, together with Elisabeth Sillmann), is also available from Springer and online bookstores. The electronic supplement is again available from Springer Extras.  The book is used in a bachelors course here at the University of Potsdam. Elisabeth Sillmann and I are currently working on the 2nd Edition of the book, which will be available in 2018. Since many people apparently have not noticed that this is a different book we will eventually publish it with a slightly different title. I will tell you more about this project here in a couple of weeks.





2 Replies to “All about the Books”

  1. Hi, Professor Trauth!
    MRES has been a helpful book for me, I like the way that the book was written. Today, I found this blog and I have seen the Lego Mindstorms devices… great! Have you thought to use Arduino in order to develop other devices?
    Congratulations on your books and this blog!

    1. Thanks very much for this very nice comment! The Lego practical was indeed a great success and we will continue to expand it in the next semester. We have thought to use Raspberry Pie, for which there is also a MATLAB hardware support, but had not made it for time reasons.