Create Publishable Graphics with MATLAB … or Python?

My blog post “Create Publishable Graphics with MATLAB, Part 1” goes viral! Matt Hank, subsurface data scientist and founder of Subsurface Underground, and Maurizio Petrelli, professor at U Perugia and author of the Introduction to Python in Earth Science Data Analysis book (Springer 2021), took up the challenge and converted my MATLAB code to Python! The result doesn’t look too bad I have admit! Continue reading “Create Publishable Graphics with MATLAB … or Python?”

New Textbook “Signal and Noise in Geosciences” (Springer 2021)

The new textbook “Signal and Noise in Geosciences” (Springer 2021) introduces methods of data acquisition in geosciences using MATLAB together with inexpensive data acquisition systems, such as the sensors on board of smartphones, sensors that come with the LEGO MINDSTORMS set, webcams with stereo microphones, affordable spectral and thermal cameras. Continue reading “New Textbook “Signal and Noise in Geosciences” (Springer 2021)”

MATLAB Recipes in Three Different Languages

In early 2022, the German translation of MATLAB Recipes for Earth Science will be published, following the original English-language edition and a Chinese translation of the 3rd edition a few years ago. Maybe it’s time for other programming languages?