Fifth Chew Bahir Drilling Project Workshop at Neanderthal Museum

Next week scientists from the Chew Bahir project will meet at the Neanderthal Museum near Düsseldorf to discuss the latest results of the 290 m long ICDP cores from S Ethiopia. The project, as part of the international Hominin Sites and Paleolaces Drilling Projects (HSPDP), tries to fill gaps in the environmental history of eastern Africa, the habitat of early human ancestry. Within the framework of the project, two ~290 m long cores were collected in the Chew Bahir Basin in Southern Ethiopia including the last ~550,000 year history of environmental change in the southern Ethiopian rift were some of the oldest fossils of our own species were discovered. The latest results from analyzing these cores will be discussed during the workshop.

Creating Better Scientific Posters, Part 1

Industrial-organizational psychologist Mike Morrison is currently attracting a lot of attention on Twitter (#betterposters) and on YouTube where he suggests to create better science posters. He also provides templates for posters OSF. He basically complains about wall-of-text posters that he finds at conferences and suggests to use most of the poster area to include a colored rectangle with a central statement or conclusion. Here are my thoughts on the better poster movement. Continue reading “Creating Better Scientific Posters, Part 1”