MRES Chinese Edition

The website, which went online on Friday, obviously has a lot of Chinese readers for whom this information may be interesting: there is the 3rd edition of MRES in Chinese translation! Parick Chen (陈青), Rights and Permissions Manager at the Springer Beijing Representative Office, helped us to get this published. The Chinese publisher is National Defense Industry Press, Chinese ISBN: 978-7-118-10090-7. Thanks, Parick, for your great help with this!

MRES 4th Edition Errata

The Errata File lists the known errors in the 4th edition of MATLAB Recipes for Earth Sciences (Springer 2015). The authors apologize for these errors, which were unintentional. The file is constantly updated on this webpage. Please let me know if you find any mistakes, misunderstandings in the text, or general suggestions for additions and extensions. No book is as good as its next edition!

Martin H. Trauth