MathWorks Supports Curriculum Development

MathWorks supports the curriculum development of the MATLAB/LEGO MINDSTORMS Environmental Remote Sensing Lab by Martin H. Trauth, in collaboration with Jens Tronicke and Bodo Bookhagen. Sebastian Gross, Senior Education Technical Specialist of MathWorks, advises us on all matters involving the development of the new curriculum. The course for undergraduate and graduate students aims to improve their skills to build efficient teams to solve typical problems in earth sciences in acquiring, processing and analyzing typical multispectral, geophysical and geometric data. The progress of course development as well as course materials will be provided on this blog.


So it all started. I was an invited speaker at the MATLAB Expo 2016 in Munich with a lecture on “Dust storms, blackouts and 50°C in the shade: with MATLAB  in the cradle of humankind“. One of Keynote Lectures was held by Dr. Rainer Stetter of ITQ, “Industry 4.0 – Risks and Opportunities“, who talked, among other things, about the European Hi5 Hackethon 2016  with MATLAB and LEGO MINDSTORMS. I wondered how I could use the connection of MATLAB and LEGO MINDSTORMS, using the hardware support of The MathWorks in my shortcourses on geoscientific data analysis and future editions of the textbooks.

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