Creating Animated 3D Files with MATLAB

Since the introduction of electronic devices with touch controls, interactive 3D graphics objects have become increasingly popular in multimedia electronic books (ebooks). The Simulink 3D Animation available from The MathWorks, Inc. provides the necessary tools to create and export 3D graphics objects for inclusion in documents such as multimedia ebooks, interactive webpages, and presentations. Continue reading “Creating Animated 3D Files with MATLAB”

Create Publishable Graphics with MATLAB, Part 1

The graphics of MATLAB have been greatly improved since the very rustic plots of the early 1990s. In contrast to previous editions, in which all the graphics were edited by designer Elisabeth Sillmann (blaetterwaldDesign) with Adobe Illustrator, the majority of the graphics of the 4th edition of MRES were not processed after being exporting from MATLAB. Here is the script for creating a variant of Figure 4.9 from MRES.

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