MATLAB experiment to simulate uncertainties of differences

MATLAB is a great tool to simulate error propagation. As an example we will use the software to estimate the uncertainty in the difference between the measures of two quantities A and B, based on their individual uncertainties and σA and σB. The experiment shows the error of differences in case the errors are either dependent or independent of each other.

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Open source, open access, open everything – but there is no free lunch!

Next week, according to the information of Springer-Nature, the proofs of the second edition of “MATLAB and Design Recipes for Earth Sciences” (MDRES) will arrive on my desk, now with a new title “Collecting, Processing and Presenting Geoscientific Information” and the old title as the subtitle. According to Springer-Nature, the Hardcover book will cost € 90.94, the eBook € 71.39. This is of course a lot of money, especially for students who need not only this, but many other books to study.

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Calculating the Accuracy and Precision of a Sonic and a IR Sensor

This exercise is intended to help students to understand the difference between accuracy and precision by means of performing multiple measures of distances by using the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Ultrasonic and Infrared Sensor. In addition, the students should understand in which data format the measurements are recorded, stored and transfered between the sensor and the computer.