53th and 54th Shortcourse on MRES – Interactive Online Seminars

During the worldwide SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, teaching at universities changed fundamentally within a few days. This also has an impact on the traditional MRES courses, which are now offered entirely online! The interactive online seminar on MATLAB Recipes for Earth Sciences will be held on 20–24 September 2021 (in English language) and 4–8 October 2021 (in German language). UPDATE: The German course is cancelled and the participants take the course in English.

MATLAB® is used in a wide range of geoscientific applications, such as for image processing in remote sensing, for generating and processing digital elevation models, and for analyzing time series. This course introduces methods of data analysis in geosciences using MATLAB, such as basic statistics for univariate, bivariate and multivariate datasets, time-series analysis, signal processing, the analysis of spatial and directional data, and image analysis.

The courses have been held in their current form since 2002, but I have been teaching MATLAB-based courses on geoscientific data analysis since 1994. I have been using MATLAB since late 1992 and are currently writing my third MATLAB-based textbook. The course was taught at the U Aberystwyth, U Addis Ababa, U Bremen, U Bratislava, U Ghent, UA Barcelona, BGR Hannover, U Kiel, UC London, LMU München, BGI Bayreuth, U Nairobi, U Köln, U Stockholm, U Amsterdam, NHM Vienna, GNS Science Wellington, Brown U Providence, U Arizona Tucson, U Fribourg and U Potsdam.

Course Fees: students including doctoral students 300 €, university Employees 400 €, others 500 €.  For more information about the courses and registration formalities, please refer to the flyers of the English course (20–24 September 2021) and German course (4–8 October 2021). The course fee includes a copy of the 5th edition of the MATLAB Recipes for Earth Sciences Book (Springer).

The seminars are sponsored by the German Geological Society (DGGV). The society pays a grant to students who attend the seminars (EUR 50) and who are DGGV members or join the DGGV on the occasion of the event (EUR 75). A certificate of attendance, proof of study and bank details are required to transfer the grant.