Master’s Degree Program “Remote Sensing, geoInformation and Visualization” (RSIV)

The new master’s degree program “Remote Sensing, geoInformation and Visualization” (RSIV) at the University of Potsdam is no longer admissions restricted. If you meet the requirements you will be admitted. Application from 1 Apr to 9 Sep 2018.

The program focuses on the gathering, processing, analysing, and presentation of geoscientific spatial data by using remote-sensing technologies and data-processing methods. The program uses models and theories to assess geoinformation, and then to prepare and communicate our findings with modern means of visualization.

The requirements to apply are a bachelor degree with at least 36 credit points (CPs) in earth science, biology, physics, chemistry, or computer science, of which at least 12 CPs are in the subjects of physics, chemistry, or biology. In addition, and 12 credits in university/undergraduate mathematics, including topics such as multivariable differential and integral calculus, linear algebra, ordinary and partial different equations, complex analysis and topics in functional analysis. English B2 language proficiency is also expected.