Young Researchers Better Avoid EGU Journal Climate of the Past

Years ago my former doctoral student submitted a manuscript to the open access/open review EGU journal Climate of the Past. The manuscript about past climate variations in southern Ethiopia undoubtedly had its weaknesses and received negative reviews – and got rejected by editor Martin Claussen. Unfortunately, the rejected article along with reviews remains visible online at the CoP webpage and since then inspires reviewers of follow-up manuscripts submitted to other journals. Continue reading “Young Researchers Better Avoid EGU Journal Climate of the Past”

Turning off Warnings in Live Editor Impossible?

According to the Release Notes for R2017b the Live Editor now checks code for errors and warnings using the message bar and message indicator. However, deactivating the warnings in the editor does not seem to affect the Live Editor. Was the possibility of disabling warnings forgotten by the software developers? In my example the message bar is full of warnings marked in orange because I define graphics object handles most of which are not used.

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