Drawing Pollen Diagrams with MATLAB

The 1st edition of MDRES includes a MATLAB script called multiplot to create diagrams in a design typically used by palynologists and micropaleontologists. Such diagrams to display several pollen or microfossil records use patches together with horizontal lines or bars on axes with the same scales. I modified the script using the new string array and the new text property rotation, both introduced in R2016b, to make the graphics look even more like a pollen diagram. The new script will be included in the 2nd edition of MDRES to be submitted to the publisher before the end of October 2017. Continue reading “Drawing Pollen Diagrams with MATLAB”

Playing Around with the axes Function of MATLAB

The MATLAB function axes creates a Cartesian axes in the current figure. Many MATLAB users do not use the figure and axes functions because all graphics functions generate a figure window and an axis system. However, the two functions together offer many possibilities to arrange FigureWindows on the display or to place one or more axes on this FigureWindows. Here are some examples that do not even come close to what these functions offer. Continue reading “Playing Around with the axes Function of MATLAB”

MATLAB Expo 2017 Germany on 27 June 2017 in Munich

The MATLAB Expo 2017 Germany, organized by the MathWorks, will take place on 27 June 2017 in the INFINITY Hotel & Conference Resort Munich. With a total of twelve sessions, the MATLAB Expo provides a wonderful forum for both beginners, experienced and expert users to present new applications of MATLAB, to learn about future directions of the software from the developers and to exchange ideas of teaching computational methods with one of the leading fourth generation programming language. Continue reading “MATLAB Expo 2017 Germany on 27 June 2017 in Munich”

A Year with the new MATLAB Live Editor

The MATLAB Live Editor was introduced about a year ago providing an elegant way to create, edit and run MATLAB code. Using the new editor the results of a MATLAB script are displayed together with the code that produced them. A Live Script can include equations, images, hyperlinks and formatted text, to be shared with others as an interactive document, as the webpage of MathWorks suggests.
Continue reading “A Year with the new MATLAB Live Editor”

Public Lecture on Tectonics, Climate and Human Evolution in Africa

On Saturday 13 May 2017 I will give a public lecture on “Tectonics, Climate and Human Evolution in Africa”. The lecture will be part of the Potsdam Science Day (Potsdamer Tag der Wissenschaften). The lecture takes place in the MPI Central Building in Golm, Seminar Room Z-1.053A / Z-1.052, between 15 and 15:30. Continue reading “Public Lecture on Tectonics, Climate and Human Evolution in Africa”