Shortcourses on Geoscience Investigations of Point Clouds and Topographic Analysis at U Potsdam

Two shortcourses, partly MATLAB-based, are taught by colleagues of mine within the DFG-funded StRATEGy Research Training Group at the University of Potsdam, together with GFZ, CONICET, U Buenos Aires and U Salta–Jujuy–Tucumán. The first course on “Advancing understanding of geomorphology with topographic analysis emphasizing high resolution topography” is taught by Ramón Arrowsmith, Bodo Bookhagen, Wolfgang Schwanghart and Christopher Crosby between 12–15 June 2017. The second course on “Geoscience Investigations of Point Clouds” is taught by Bodo Bookhagen, Ramón Arrowsmith, Martin Isenburg and Christopher Crosby between 7–9 June 2017.