Interactive eBook Edition of MRES

With its fourth edition, the MRES book makes its first appearance as an interactive ebook. This ebook allows the reader to interact with the book and comes in two different formats, with the first being for Apple iPads and Macs (in the form of an .ibooks file created with Apple’s iBooks Author software) and the second being for other platforms (as a PDF file that includes relative links to interactive objects stored on the reader’s hard drive). Continue reading “Interactive eBook Edition of MRES”

MATLAB-Based Detection of the Orientation of Handaxes

Some archeological sites in East Africa revealed unusual accumulations of Acheulean handaxes, such as in Olorgesailie in Southern Kenya (see photo above) and in Kariandusi in Central Kenya. It has been debated whether these accumulations were a result of fluvial reworking or of in situ deposition by hominins. A MATLAB-based algorithm to automatically determine the orientation of handaxes in excavation plans helps to test the preferred orientation of stone tools as the result of fluvial reworking.

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Exporting EPS Files from MATLAB with CMYK Colors

Most graphics exported from MATLAB, as said in a previous post, are of publishable quality, but some graphics require further editing to add more graphics elements. Unfortunately, EPS files with a CMYK model exported from MATLAB use a US color profile, not a ISO color profile. Import these files into Adobe Illustrator with a ISO set of color profiles, the colors are not displayed correctly. The following blog post explains the problem and provides a possible solution.

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